Modern to Mid-century: sofa adaptation

Check out this really clever little sofa adaptation I found on Our Mid Century. A few simple cosmetic changes like tufting and swapping the legs give this Ikea Karlstad sofa a whole new look (read about how they did it here).

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Ooh la la!

I love the bold, block colours used by French graphic designer Malika Favre (I stumbled upon it here). Really simple lines used to maximum effect!



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A good book, and memories of summer holidays

This week I re-discovered the library, and it felt good to reunite with an old friend. That is, it felt good after I finally went in and faced up to the possible fines I owed from an overdue book some years ago. But, like an old friend, I was forgiven for my wrongdoing (for small a fee of $30), and allowed to borrow once more.

One of the books I borrowed was Tim Winton's "Breath", a novel set in a coastal town Western Australia in the 70's which got me reminiscing about summer holidays spent at the beach.

So, I made a little Etsy treasury about it and here are some of the items I featured...

sterling silver stacking rings - set of 2 - made to order

Mason Jar Lights

Surfer Girl - 5x5 print

You can find the listings shown above at:
1) Sterling Silver Stacking Rings
2) Surfer Girl Print
3) Mason Jar Lights

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Ruche Clothing. A fab find!

I was over at Lovely Clusters a few weeks ago and I followed a link to the Ruche website. I'm so glad I did. They have some of the loveliest, most affordable clothing, shoes and accessories I've seen in a while... and so perfectly summer!


Gah! I just looked again and fell in love with this dress but my size is all gone. That seafoam green... *sigh*

 *all images courtesy of
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Shiny New Workbench

Today is the day I got myself a workbench!! Well, actually, today is the day MrBenni and I went down to Bunnings, crammed some lengths of timber into the back of my hatchback and he (with a little input from me- I'm not so good at the jigsawing end of things) made me my new workbench. And I love it. Absolutely cannot wait to start playing. Just need to buy a peg for it and then some silver, and I'm good to go!
K x

Workbench in progress...

Viola- finished with a light varnish on top!

Purple Pendant

Wheeeee! I just love Wednesdays! Today is a particularly good Wednesday because I got to finish another silver jewellery project. My pendant with teardrop cabochon setting is complete.

I just need to get a nice long chain for it, no I don't think I will make it this time. I hope you're having a lovely 'hump' day wherever you are.
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Winter Festival!

Yesterday was said to be the coldest day Brisbane has seen in a decade, and I believe that! I'd left the house at 7am wearing a skirt, tights, ballet flats and a knit top with 3/4 length sleeves. If I'd known what was to come I would've forgone the skirt, donned trousers over tights, worn boots, a jacket, and scarf to boot. Oh, and if I owned gloves acceptable for public display- would've shoved them in the ol' handbag too. Brrrr.

So, it seemed fitting that the Brisbane Alpine Winter Festival was supposed to be kicking off at 5pm yesterday. I for one am pretty pumped about this event. It's not just the fact that there's an outdoor ice rink being set up in a city that for a large percentage of the year swelters above 30 degrees Celsius that excites me, it's because I absolutely love cold climate fare. I was in my small version of heaven during our travels in Germany where it seemed perfectly acceptable to have a large hunk of apple strudel at any time of the day, and where the schnitzels were sometimes larger than the plates they came out on. Don't even get me started on the steaming hot cups of mulled wine. Sigh. So... I was a bit disappointed when I finished work and they were still setting up, preventing me from getting my hands on any of the above mentioned deliciousness.

All was not lost though, because my workmates and I went and had Devonshire tea instead. Which was almost as delicious, and equally as warming. And it just means I get to save my appetite for another time and visit the Winter Festival then.
K x

Devonshire Tea on a cold winter's day

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