A good book, and memories of summer holidays

This week I re-discovered the library, and it felt good to reunite with an old friend. That is, it felt good after I finally went in and faced up to the possible fines I owed from an overdue book some years ago. But, like an old friend, I was forgiven for my wrongdoing (for small a fee of $30), and allowed to borrow once more.

One of the books I borrowed was Tim Winton's "Breath", a novel set in a coastal town Western Australia in the 70's which got me reminiscing about summer holidays spent at the beach.

So, I made a little Etsy treasury about it and here are some of the items I featured...

sterling silver stacking rings - set of 2 - made to order

Mason Jar Lights

Surfer Girl - 5x5 print

You can find the listings shown above at:
1) Sterling Silver Stacking Rings
2) Surfer Girl Print
3) Mason Jar Lights

K x

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