Snug As A Pug In A Rug!

How adorable are these pet coats and bonnets by Beantown Handmade?! (almost as adorable as the gorgeous Boston Terrier modelling them!)

Large Cupid's Cloak Dog Coat Custom Size and Color Up to 55lbs

Toffee High Collar Dog Sweater Custom Size and Color Up to 35lbs

Bean Note Card - The Blue Blossom Dog Hat

With the cooler weather creeping closer (though if you live in Brisbane you wouldn't know it judging by the magic past couple of days we've had) it's time to not only start getting our winter wardrobe in order, but to also consider the furry friends who keep us company on those cold winter nights.

Beantown handmade have solved the dilemma of keeping our little animal buddies cosy and warm with their selection of handmade woollen coats and hats. I must say they look rather fetching. You can even select the combination of colours you want and they are custom made to fit. Bring on the chilly nights...

K x

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