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Good evening readers out there,
I feel like to write about every creation under the umbrella of Karl Lagerfeld which I find amazing is impossible. In short, to me he is a genius, and someone that I find very inspiring. Tonight, I wanted to pay special attention to  the Spring/Summer 2011 collection which Lagerfeld was behind. Naturally, it is beautiful to the eye. I suppose to me it was every little detail combined that allowed me to see this as Art at its best. It was a show so majestically put together. I admire people who stop at nothing to produce work that is 100% perfect, that stands alone, and reflects the passion of the designer / artist. The combination of delicate fabrics, met with Gothic cuts and colours was perfect. Make yourself a coffee, and take ten minutes out to watch this show from the 2011 Spring / Summer collection.
Goodnight x

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