A blank Canvas...

So, we finally checked out Canvas last night- have been meaning to go for a while- and I've decided it was worth the wait (and the perfect way to kick off this blog which we've been meaning to start for a while)!! Just walking up the street towards the little bar, you pass a few cute and cosy candle-lit restaurants that were just yearning for a visit.  The lovely muted colourful street 'lamps' provide whimsical Alice-in-wonderland appeal which put an instant grin on my face (which, I might add was much needed after a nightmarish reverse-parking attempt which resulted in my car up on the kerb and an audience of two bystanders laughing at my failed attempt. Needless to say I will not be trying that again any time soon).

We walked into the bar and hardly had to wait at all before we were seated in a quiet booth, perfect for a girly catch-up. We ordered cocktails on recommendation of the knowledgeable wait staff and by the time I got to the Amaretto-soaked cherry in my drink I was in heaven!

The place is quite small- big enough to not feel crowded on a friday night, but intimate enough to feel like you're one of a select few onto something special. The comfy leather sofas and dark wood chairs add a bit of luxury and I loved the gold-hued bird mural on the wall and the large, floral fabric covered panels just above where we sat (I think I might use them as inspiration for the bedroom revamp that I have in mind)... I will certainly be back to this little pocket of Brisbane indeed!
K x

(image courtesy of Canvas website)

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