I'm in stitches

Today was the first day that's felt to me like Autumn is coming. There was a cool breeze in the air, and for the first time in weeks it wasn't too hot to wear jeans. We were at my mother-in-laws place and she was showing me a crochet bag she'd just made for herself to take on a trip. This got me thinking of winter evenings from my childhood spent sitting on the couch crocheting a little square blanket (which admittedly took me about 5 winters to complete, then ended up as the dogs blanket!).

I've never really gotten the hang of knitting, though I attempted it a few times, but I used to love to crochet and today got me wondering why I ever stopped! So, in anticipation of the cooler weather coming (even though winter in Brisbane is mild by many standards) on the way home I stopped at Spotlight and picked up a crochet hook and some pretty Olive green and some Turquoise wool- all excited to get started again after all these years.

I could only really remember how to make a single chain but a quick YouTube tutorial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3i2b3me__Yk to get me started on a single stitch pattern (it really is like riding a bike) and I’m on my way to creating my new lovely green scarf for winter… here's hoping I get it finished in time for this one!

I think the wool I bought isn't quite right for crocheting because the thickness varies along the length which makes it hard to see the stitches, but I'm being stubborn because I just love the colours! Plus I don't really mind if it doesn't look "perfect"- I like that cosy hand stitched look.

Not to get too ahead of myself, but maybe soon I’ll be making a scarf as nice as this one above from greenolive: http://greenolive.typepad.com/greenolive/crochet/
K x

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