Perfect Scents


If you're a sucker for a beautiful scented candle like we are, check out these triple-scented wax candles from Glasshouse ( A personal fave is Gardenia from the Marseille destination range (pictured below), which is soft and floral and makes the whole room (and house if yours is small like mine!) smell sweet. The jars they come in are beautiful too, and they even come in a mini size for somewhere like the bathroom... they can do no wrong in my opinion!

A body lotion is also available in the same fragrance, which we recently discovered, much to Sarah's great delight! So dreamy...
K x

(All images above are from the Glasshouse website)


  1. I AM a sucker for scented candles! And I am just about due for a new one.

  2. Thanks for reading Mia- I wish you could smell them, they really are amazing!!


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