Market Love

With MrBenni overseas at the moment for work, lately I've been thinking of past travels and getting all nostalgic reminiscing about the sense of adventure and exploration that travel brings- sampling new food, testing out new languages, meeting new people. 

One of my favourite things about travel in particular (apart from trying anything and everything edible!) is trawling through local markets… Markets, Baazars, Souks- no matter what name they go by and no matter what they’re selling, I just love them!

There’s just something so much more appealing to me about walking up and down rows and rows of little market stalls, than shopping in a store or supermarket. Maybe it’s the personal connection with the maker that you only get from craft markets. Or the anticipation of the deliciousness of fresh produce from farmers markets. It could be the possibility of finding that one-of-a-kind bargain at a flea market. Whatever the reason, I just cannot resist venturing into a market if I see one.

Some of my most treasured possessions have come from such markets, and I decided that for this post I would share a couple of photos of the little market finds that make me happy.
(yes, still using the phone camera, apologies for the poor resolution).
K x

Sweet little painted clay dolls from China
...they happily watch over me as I sit at my desk

My favourite turquoise ring purchased in India

Carved wood blocks from India. I should use these more as
stamps-  they'd make beautiful cards and stationary

My silver necklace from Thailand. Hard to see on this
photo but the little lid is hinged and can open

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