I recently started a beginners Silversmithing course and I am smitten! This is something I've been wanting to do for a while and I'm glad I've finally begun. It's so much fun, the time just flies as I sit at my little workbench sawing, filing, soldering, buffing and polishing (oh! the polishing)!

These are the stud earrings I completed last week.

I just started on a chain in this weeks lesson - and am continuously sketching up new silver jewellery creations (yes I have grand plans for this new found love) but at the moment I'm limited by my skill set (hopefully as the weeks go on this will change!) I will keep updating with how it's going on here - I absolutely cannot wait until I get to learn about lost wax casting... I'm guessing that's a little while away yet though. Best master the cutting and soldering first!

K x

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