Hand Painted Easter Eggs

This time two years ago MrBenni and I were travelling around Europe (*sigh* feels like a lifetime ago now) and we found this fantastic shop on one of the main streets in Salzburg. Unfortunately I have no idea what the name was, or where it was even located but the entire shop was filled- packed really- with blown and hand painted eggs! I remember just being in awe of the place, and must admit I was a little worried about turning around too fast with my backpack on and breaking them. They were all so beautiful and there were so many different designs and patterns. It wasn't practical to buy any as we were only mid-way through our trip and didn't have much space or the luxury of transporting such delicate cargo. So the photos would have to do... Enjoy the holidays if you're having them!
K x

Eggs everywhere- the entire shop was like this

A personal favourite- the globe on an egg

I love the strawberries on the bottom left

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