Tick tock - on the hunt for a clock

It's been days since I've written and for the first time since starting our little blog I've been feeling rather uninspired. The weather has been pretty grim and there hasn't been much exciting happening in my little world over the last few days. I think everyone is in wind-down-for-Easter-holidays mode. Or it could be just me! Anyway the other night I decided to pursue the search for our new kitchen clock (because so far MrBenni and I can't seem to find one we both like) and was trawling through many creative and unique designs here when I came across these guys: husband and wife duo Uncommon. Their range of classic and modern designs using fibreboard and a variety of bright colours grabbed my attention. My only issue now is: what colour to choose?
K x

All images above courtesy of Uncommon's Etsy store

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